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Simay Akar


Simay Akar is a sustainable energy expert and a Multi-award-winning entrepreneur in the energy industry. She is the CEO and founder of AK Energy Consulting, a firm that provides a wide range of environmental consulting services to achieve sustainability goals; from conducting environmental impact assessments to developing and implementing carbon management plans and a comprehensive range of supply chain solutions for clean energy technologies.
Akar has a strong background in photovoltaic manufacturing, battery storage, and renewable energy systems, having worked in multicultural enterprises in several countries and served roles as a sales and marketing director, head of overseas marketing, and chief commercial officer and co-founder.

In addition to her professional acclimates, she is an IEEE Senior member, and an acknowledged volunteer since 2007. Simay is a graduate of Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey and she participated Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program at Stanford University.

Akar is passionate about advancing cutting-edge battery technologies, promoting sustainable energy solutions, and empowering the next generation of energy leaders.

Akar is currently CEO & Founder at  AK Energy Consulting

Her past roles include the Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder at Innoses, Sales and Marketing Director of EkoRE – Eko Renewable Energy, and Head of Overseas Marketing at Talesun Solar

Akar has worked in China and Turkey and mostly focused on international commercial activities and has been employed by  CSUN EurasiaSchneider ElectricArcelik (BEKO), and Lucida Solar.

Simay is a well-rounded individual with a diverse set of skills and interests. As a Certified Soft Skills Trainer since 2008, she likely possesses excellent communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills, enabling her to effectively train and mentor others in this area. Her involvement in the METU Alumni Association Energy Commission suggests a continued dedication to her alma mater and an interest in energy-related initiatives.

As the Turkish Women in Renewables North America Liaison and a member of the Sailing Team and KYSKD (Female Sailors Sports Club Association), she demonstrates a passion for both renewable energy advocacy and sailing-aquatic sports. Her participation in open-seas swimming races, marathons, and sailing cups showcases her commitment to physical fitness and her adventurous spirit. She is a licensed sailor athlete at the Turkish Sailing Federation.

Simay's multifaceted involvement in professional, academic, athletic, and community-oriented endeavors reflects a well-rounded and driven individual who actively contributes to various aspects of society.

IEEE has an important role in her life.

She is incredibly active and engaged within the IEEE community, with involvement spanning across various fields and regions. Her membership in HKN (Eta Kappa Nu), IEEE's honor society, reflects her excellence and commitment to advancing the IEEE-designated fields. As an IEEE VOLT Graduate and TISP Champion, she demonstrates leadership and mentorship skills, contributing to educational activities and fostering the next generation of engineers and technologists. Her extensive involvement in global committees and regional boards across different IEEE societies and Geo Units showcases her dedication to making a positive impact in areas such as Humanitarian Technologies, Power&Energy (PES),  Social Implications of Technology(SSIT), Women in Engineering, Young Professionals, Student Activities, and Entrepreneurship. Her contributions undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the direction and impact of IEEE initiatives globally. 

Diverse and impactful contributions: Her involvement spans across a wide range of technical, social, and professional areas, demonstrating her commitment to various aspects of the engineering field.

Focus on humanitarian and social impact: Her active participation in IEEE SIGHT and SSIT highlights her dedication to using technology for positive social change and addressing global challenges.

Strong representation and inclusion: Her involvement in groups like IEEE Women in Engineering and Young Professionals signifies her efforts to promote diversity and inclusion within the engineering community.

Global reach and regional leadership: Her engagement in both global committees and regional boards showcases her ability to contribute on a broad scale and provide local leadership in specific areas.

Entrepreneurial spirit: Her role in the IEEE Entrepreneurship Committee suggests an interest in innovation and promoting entrepreneurial ventures within the engineering field.

Overall, Simay's extensive and diverse involvement within the IEEE community makes her a valuable asset to the organization and a role model for others.

Knowing her passion for these specific areas allows us to further understand her motivations and potential impact:

Alignment with IEEE goals: Her passion for sustainable energy solutions and empowering future leaders aligns perfectly with the IEEE's Power and Energy Society and its focus on developing innovative solutions for a cleaner future. Additionally, her interest in cutting-edge battery technologies could connect with various IEEE societies.

Major contributions: With her expertise and passion, she contributes significantly to:

  • Technical committees: Participating in discussions and shaping the development of standards and guidelines for the next generation of CleanTech.

  • Educational initiatives: Sharing her knowledge through workshops, mentoring programs, or online resources to inspire and equip future engineers.

  • Advocacy: Raising awareness about the importance of sustainable energy and influencing policy decisions through her involvement in relevant IEEE committees or external organizations.

  • Entrepreneurial ventures: Utilizing her network and knowledge to support or even lead startups developing innovative clean energy technologies.

Overall, her passion for these specific areas opens up exciting possibilities for her to make a significant impact on the development and adoption of sustainable energy solutions.

She received several prestigious awards from IEEE and other corporations including:

•IEEE Theodore W. Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award 2024

• IEEE Clementina Saduwa Award 2023 

EMobility+ 40 under 40 2023, Winner
WINE (Women in New Energy) Entrepreneur of The Year 2022 Award

GCPIT Global Women in Leadership Awards Winner 2022

•IEEE MGA Diversity & Inclusion Award 2022

IEEE PES Robert P. Noberini Distinguished Contributions to Engineering Professionalism Award 2022

•GCPIT Global Sustainability Award 2021 Winner

IEEE Region 8 Women in Engineering Section Affinity Group of the Year Award 2021

IEEE WIE Inspiring Member of The Year 2020 (Honorable Mention)
IEEE Young Professionals Hall of the Fame Award 2018 (PES YP Team)
IEEE MGA Young Professionals Achievement Award 2017
IEEE MGA Achievement Award 2014 (as IEEE Day Team Lead)
IEEE Day Leadership Award 2013
CSUN Outstanding Staff Award 2014

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Key Facts

Competence & Aptitude

Entrepreneurship & Industry Experience

Global Citizen
Multicultural mind set and experiences

Traveled to
  64 Countries
                         6 Continents


Clean Energy Technology Passionate

  • PV Manufacturing

  • Battery Storage Systems and Li-ion Batteries 

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Renewable Energy Technologies 

  • Sustainable Development

  • Social Impact of Technology

Simay possesses a remarkable set of competencies, aptitudes, and experiences, making her a standout individual in various domains:

  1. Entrepreneurship & Industry Experience: With her extensive background in entrepreneurship and industry, Simay likely demonstrates strong leadership, strategic thinking, and business acumen. Her experience may involve founding or leading ventures, navigating market dynamics, and driving innovation in various sectors.

  2. Global Citizen: Having traveled to 64 countries across 6 continents, Simay embodies a global perspective and cultural adaptability. Her exposure to diverse societies, languages, and customs likely enhances her ability to collaborate effectively in multicultural settings.

  3. Multicultural Mindset and Experiences: Simay's exposure to diverse cultures fosters a multicultural mindset, enabling her to appreciate and navigate cultural nuances sensitively. This trait is invaluable in today's interconnected world, especially in global business and collaborative projects. Her multicultural mindset and global network make her ideal for projects requiring collaboration across different cultures and regions. This could involve international partnerships, technology transfer, or cross-cultural educational programs.

  4. Clean Energy Technology Passionate: Simay's passion for clean energy technology underscores her commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Her expertise in areas such as PV manufacturing, battery storage systems, electric vehicles, and renewable energy technologies positions her as a key player in advancing clean energy solutions.

  5. Sustainable Development & Social Impact: Simay's interest in sustainable development and the social impact of technology reflects her broader commitment to using her expertise for the betterment of society. She likely seeks to address pressing global challenges such as climate change, energy access, and social equity through innovative solutions and initiatives. Her passion for sustainability and social impact can be channeled into developing innovative solutions for underserved communities or marginalized groups. This could involve designing affordable clean energy solutions, promoting access to renewable energy in developing countries, or advocating for equitable distribution of sustainable technologies.

Simay's diverse skill set, global outlook, and dedication to clean energy and social impact make her a highly valuable asset in both professional and societal contexts.

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Yenisehir, Osmanlı Bulvarı No:11 D:A28 Kat 5, Kurtkoy Aeropark, 34912 Istanbul

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